DIY Ice Packs

Please Click Here for the all new VIDEO tutorial for the Amazing Unfreezable Icepacks!


9 thoughts on “DIY Ice Packs

    • Let me know how it works out. Everyone I’ve made them for loves them. My dad can’t stand a warm pillow, so he keeps this under his and now he doesn’t have to flip it every ten minutes.

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    Here’s a great DIY for massage therapists: make your own moldable ice packs! All you need is water, salt, cornstarch, and zip top bags, and voila! You’ve got an easy, affordable way to ice clients or yourself! I think I could use a couple of these on my wrists right about now…

  2. This is absolutely amazing. Since I got pregnant I have had a problem keeping cool especially at night. Getting to sleep without an ice pack is almost impossible so I have been looking for a cheap effective DIY ice pack.I made 4 store sized packs for about 20 cents. I just want to say thank you sooo much I now have plenty of great ice packs to help me stay cool!

  3. This was written two years ago – but this was invaluable to me. Many other guides offer rubbing alcohol or soap to prevent freezing…
    Utilizing salt to reduce the freezing level = great idea!

    One extra thing I added – 3 drops of blue food coloring.

  4. So are using a total of 4 Cups of water or 5?? That is: Are you boiling the entire 4 C. of water and then adding in an additional cold cup of water to the cornstarch to be stirred in?

    • Boil four cups, then use enough cold water just to dissolve the cornstarch. The amount isn’t super important, just keep adding cornstarch until your mix becomes a thick gel.

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