DIY: Dying Wool Locks in the Microwave

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of a craft junkie. One of my absolute favourite hobbies right now is spinning my own yarn. It’s relaxing, creative, endlessly entertaining and sometimes trance inducing. I never knew true peace until I sat at a spinning wheel, heard the soft whoosh whoosh whoosh of the wheel as I treadled while slowly letting the soft fiber slip through my fingers a bit at a time. There is something infinitely satisfying about creating your own raw materials and transforming them into a usable textile.

Part of the process of spinning can include dying your own fiber. I recently purchased some beautiful Border Leicester locks from Ashley Martineau of Neauveau Fiber Arts and decided to dye them before I tailspun them into an art yarn.

So now for something completely different. Here’s my video tutorial of how I dye my wool locks. I hope you enjoy!

Curly Colourful Goodness

I will probably make another video to share with you showing how I spin this into a lovely novelty yarn.



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