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Legislating Freedom *UPDATE

Last week, I wrote a post about the Quebec government proposing emergency legislation prohibiting the spontaneous assembly of protestors in an effort to put an end to the student protests against tuition hikes in that province. I’d just like to give a quick update to those who are interested. The legislation PASSED (big surprise there). … Continue reading

Legislating Freedom

Legislating Freedom

Quebec is trying to pass some pretty disturbing legislation today. I have no suggestions for solution, as it seems that this is something that is going to happen regardless of what the citizens of this country actually want. If anything good comes out of this at all, it should be a dawning awareness that we … Continue reading

A plea to my fellow Canadians

I apologize for the redundancy for those of you who know me on facebook, but this simply needs repeating. I think everyone needs to contact their MPs and MPPs in order to help this woman and her children. She’s a struggling student and is getting shafted by the government. PS-> if you want to continue … Continue reading