Legislating Freedom

Quebec is trying to pass some pretty disturbing legislation today. I have no suggestions for solution, as it seems that this is something that is going to happen regardless of what the citizens of this country actually want. If anything good comes out of this at all, it should be a dawning awareness that we have absolutely zero control over our “elected” government, and perhaps a mass decision to start doing something about it.

Quebec’s legislature has gathered for a late-night debate on emergency education legislation Thursday night, as student protests were held in five of the province’s biggest cities.

The special law, known as Bill 78, was crafted by the Liberal government to defuse the turbulent student tuition crisis.

The proposed law lays out strict regulations governing student protests and contains provisions for stiff fines.

Fines range from $7,000 to $35,000 for a student leader and between $25,000 and $125,000 for unions or student federations if someone is prevented from entering an educational institution.

Bill 78 also lays out strict regulations governing student protests. Any group of 10 persons or more to give at least eight hours notice to police for any demonstration. They must include the time, place and itinerary. Police may change any of the above.

The overnight debate at Quebec’s legislature is expected to lead to a vote on the legislation on Friday.

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In related news, our Government is also trying to ban the wearing of masks at protests. Now, I personally believe that, seeing as we have the lawful right to assembly and protest, we should be proud to do so with our faces uncovered. That being said, we don’t live in a world where our rights automatically give us protection. Jobs, status, finances, they can all be at risk for people who exercise their right to assembly. So yes, I understand why people choose to wear disguises. You can read up more about this proposed legislation here.

When will we stop letting them take away the few “freedoms” that we do have “for our own good”? Whether it’s not being allowed to bring your own drinks onto air transportation, being forced by the court to vaccinate your children, or even just coming under suspicion for having more than a weeks worth of food in storage on hand, our “freedoms” are being whittled away, and not just little by little, but by leaps and bounds.

I’ll leave you with a small list of “freedoms” that have been removed here in Canada. You may find yourself saying that the loss of some of these is no big deal, and in fact a good thing in certain circumstances, but I challenge you to think bigger on these issues. Every time we have our freedoms legislated, we are being told what to do by people who hold power over the rest of us. WE ARE NOT FREE. We have never been free. Freedom is not something that can be legislated, it is not something that can be given and taken away. Freedom is a state of being, and no one on this planet is currently free.

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Lost “Freedoms” in Canada

- Destroying a beaver dam on your own land
– Selling (or buying) wheat or milk freely
– Purchasing any health insurance you want
– Establishing a hospital
– Hiring or firing whom you want
– Runing a business without monthly or quarterly GST reports
– Buying or selling stocks on the basis of whatever non-stolen information is in your head
– Talking publicly about certain topics, including those that fall under the mandate of “human rights” commissions
– Drive on public roads – which is now defined as a privilege graciously granted by the state
– Driving a motor boat without a permit
– Using your own resources to support political candidates or to promote your own opinions during a referendum or election
– Listening to whatever radio or TV station you want
– Smoking in your own shop, or welcoming smokers there
– Owning and a fortiori carrying guns without permission, even on your own property
– Exercising efficiently your right of self-defence
– Crossing the border without declaring negotiable instruments of $10,000 or more; same for many cash transactions
– Going about your daily business and partaking in domestic travel without official ID papers
– Opening a bank account without the state knowing it
– Owning personal assets in foreign countries without declaring them to the Canadian government.

I can’t exactly claim to have come up with this whole topic on my own. I was very much inspired by the Alternate Economy’s post on Freedom earlier this week. You should check it out, it’s pretty awesome.

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6 thoughts on “Legislating Freedom

    • Exactly. This legislation, which will more than likely pass today, is effectively going to make peaceful assembly a thing of the past. There is no way that asking permission will ever result in permission being granted. But it’s all for our own good…

    • In many regards, I think you guys are actually worse off than we are at this point. How many of your rights and freedoms have been stripped away in the name of National Security since 9-11? What’s worse, not only are the liberties that your forefathers granted you being taken away, but people are actually being labeled as unpatriotic for criticizing the loss of those liberties (weird, considering the loss of those constitutional rights is probably more unpatriotic than questioning their loss in the first place).
      The biggest threat to “freedom”, in my opinion, is the loss of the ability to challenge authority. The first step is belittling anyone who tries, so everyone else is too embarrassed to do so. And if that doesn’t work, eventually, they’ll just legislate the option away all together.

      • Ah yes, so true. Kind of how our “objective media” refers to people at tea party rallies as “tea baggers”. I’m still holding on to hope that the public is starting to wake up, but I lose a tiny bit of that hope every day.

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